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GEPARD GPR-Ground Penetrating Radar with Android Tablet PC
22 Oct 2017

The Gepard GPR is a very flexible transportable and powerful ground penetrating radar for detecting underground items like pipelines cavities cables conduits tunnels bunkers foundations and the like.T

Black Hawk-Pulse Induction Metal Detector
19 Oct 2017

Black Hawk is a high-powered pulse induction-based metal detector by OKM. It is one of the most efficient metal detector in the world as it can be used to detect targets at a greater depth in all type

EVOLUTION-New 3D Ground Scanner
17 Oct 2017

The new 3d ground scanner Evolution enforces what the name already promises. This deep scan detector takes another step forward in advanced metal detection technology. It is a stunning blend of functi

GerDetect RIVER F-World's Best Water Finder
11 Oct 2017

For the explorers of wells and underground water GOLD MASTER Company provide you with the latest technology specifications and high-resolution and discrimination techniques. RIVER-F device software wo

EXP 4500 - 3d Ground Scanner For Treasure Hunters and Gold Seekers
11 Oct 2017

Are you tired of finding only small stuff near the surface? Do you want to detect the real buried treasures which lie deeper than a normal metal detector can detect? Introducing the multi-function sub

EXP 6000 - Wireless 3d Metal Detector and Ground Scanner
08 Oct 2017

The EXP 6000 ground scanner and 3d metal detector is one of OKMs top of the line detecting tools for treasure hunters metal detectorists archaeologists prospectors gold seekers and ground surveyors. T

GARRETT PD 6500i-Walk-Through Metal Detector
07 Oct 2017

GARRETT PD6500i is the newest most reliable walk-through metal detector which are commonly used in events with high volumes of moving patrons such as Olympic games World Cup and other big events. It h

Jameson The Blender's Dog 750ML
29 Sep 2017

Location: United States, Hawaii, Honolulu
Category: Other Buy and Sell in classifieds

Jameson The Blenders Dog 750MLCheckout- https// not sure if our Head Blender Billy Leighton has a musical note in his head but harmony is his main pursuit. The Blenders Dog is a whisk

ROVER C4-Latest OKM Metal Detector/Ground Scanner
27 Sep 2017

ROVER C4 is the latest innovation from OKM-Detectors combining the important features of its former ROVER series simplifying your treasure hunting adventure.This device can be easily operated via tou

Best Sphygmomanometer in the US Market
14 Sep 2017

Location: United States, California, Tustin
Category: Other Buy and Sell in classifieds

Sphygmomanometer is the best BP monitor available in US. Its trusted by large number of doctors and other professionals in health institute givesout highly accurate results cuff is made of nylon preve

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